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Vindicia at Money20/20 USA 2023

Unveiling the power of Vindicia Retain - A backstage chat with Jesus Luzardo at Money20/20 USA 2023

It was great to see you at Money20/20 USA 2023! We’re happy to see how the subscription model has become an incredible revenue driver for many businesses, and we’re happy to support your recurring revenue strategies. Watch Jesus Luzardo, Global Head of Sales and Partnerships at Vindicia, chat backstage about the value of Retain and how it’s the industry’s #1 solution for solving recurring failed payments and a key driver of growth for your subscription business going into 2024.

Vindicia Retain

Maximize your recurring revenues in 2024 with Vindicia Retain

Discover the power of Vindicia Retain, an automated machine learning AI-based solution designed for efficient failed payment recovery. Whether your company operates on a subscription model or utilizes recurrent billing with a current file system, Vindicia Retain offers benefits across various industry verticals, including digital and physical goods.

Looking ahead to 2024, it's imperative that executives mark this on their calendars and agendas. The discussion around failed payments is often overlooked in the industry, and we believe it should be a key takeaway. Learn how to seamlessly integrate AI and ML into every step of your payment operations for sustained success.

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