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Vindicia’s revenue intelligence dashboard

Vindicia’s revenue intelligence dashboard

Vindicia’s Revenue intelligence dashboards provide AI-driven insights to empower complex strategic decisions. With an executive view, you quickly gauge the help review subscription business through high-level KPIs and performances. The big picture dashboard enables you to contextualize revenue returns, market offerings, active subscribers, and the success metrics that keep you running. Check the course of your business in real-time and anytime. You are on a year-on subscription service or seasonal model, get a clear understanding of recurring vs non-recurring revenue, monthly variance on your subscriber count, and churn rate.

Are your churn level matching or even surpassing your acquisitions. Compare your acquisition and churn level to determine acquiring new subscribers' healthy levels. And then access will lead to your subscriber losses. Are cancellations the primary result of customer dissatisfaction or rather unintended failed credit card transactions? Monitor the success rate of your transaction, including failed transactions captured by Vindicia Retain recovery loosed revenue. With the actionable insight by the Vindicia subscription intelligence dashboard, you have the power to plan, adapt and grow.

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Revenue intelligence: Grow faster with insights and tailored recommendations

Useful subscription intelligence should not just be about what happened? But also how, why, and what's next? Drill down to the revenue view to monitor your business trends. Break down revenue by subscription offerings, capture and success rate with detailed analysis track your progress, and make a data-driven forecast with the journey ahead. Switch over to the subscriber view to review and make up the growth of your customer base, get to know your subscriber as you see how many of added over time, and focus on individual segments such as active paying customers, free trial users, and subscribers risk at churning. And because of the growth and scalability of the subscription businesses realize on keeping your customers, the retention view focuses on the impact of customer churn.

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