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Worry-free billing management

CBUSA helps its members—small to mid-size homebuilders in select US markets—thrive. By harnessing its members’ collective buying power, CBUSA secures lower prices on commodity and specialty building materials. Members pay a low monthly subscription fee to take advantage of the CBUSA online purchasing service.

Vindicia Subscribe (formerly CashBox) keeps CBUSA’s members connected to the buying services they need. “We use Vindicia to handle every aspect of membership billing,” explains Brendan Sheehan, chief financial officer for CBUSA. He says that Vindicia Subscribe “makes managing recurring payments one of the most automated and worry-free aspects of our business.”

We’re seeing the advantages of subscription revenue without having to worry about PCI compliance or that billing is going to be a hassle for members.

Brendan Sheehan, Chief Financial Officer, CBUSA

Vindicia Retain

The challenge: Supporting recurring payments

Founded in 2004, CBUSA decided in 2008 that introducing monthly membership fees could help it enhance services to members. CBUSA realized that handling recurring monthly payments in-house would introduce compliance complexities that it wanted to avoid. “We looked for a service provider to manage billing for us,” says Sheehan. “Our initial concerns were around PCI compliance. As we explored further, we saw that we should also be thinking about making the payment process as easy as possible for members.”

Vindicia Retain

The solution: Vindicia delivers compliance, ease of use, and business insight

CBUSA considered multiple subscription payment solutions, and it chose Vindicia Subscribe for several reasons. According to Sheehan, the customer and retention support advantages in particular stood out. “All the options we considered offered the PCI compliance we needed, but Vindicia offered more,” he says. “The solution automates much of the email communication around billing. Built-in logic keeps customers connected to our services even when there’s a temporary issue with their payment.” Sheehan explained that Vindicia Subscribe helps members easily resolve any payment issues without involvement from the CBUSA team.”

Vindicia Retain

Reporting and tax engine

Since turning to Vindicia Subscribe, CBUSA has come to rely on the solution’s integrated reporting and tax engine. “Vindicia gives me visibility into revenues by product and more through its online portal,” says Sheehan. “We import the transaction detail report into our account system each month. The process is seamless.”

Vindicia Subscribe is also helping with tax compliance. “Some markets where we operate tax our services and others don’t. Vindicia helped us configure the tax engine for our needs,” says Sheehan. He states that Vindicia Subscribe “is making managing taxes much easier for us.”

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Vindicia Retain

The result: Happy members and higher revenue

Having used Vindicia Subscribe for more than six years, CBUSA has no doubt that it chose the right subscription and recurring billing platform. “Vindicia enables us to capture every available dollar of subscription revenue from active members,” says Sheehan.

CBUSA has high retention rates because its service delivers real value, but the ability of Vindicia Subscribe to “help resolve issues for members definitely contributes,” says Sheehan.

Sheehan adds, “We’re seeing the advantages of subscription revenue without having to worry about PCI compliance or that billing is going to be a hassle for members.” Vindicia Subscribe saves time every day for both CBUSA and its members. “It makes billing easy for everyone involved,” concludes Sheehan.

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