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Protect Your Bubble Success Story

Protect Your Bubble improves the customer experience with Vindicia Subscribe.

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Making purchasing protection online even easier

Protect Your Bubble makes protection plans and insurance easy to understand and buy. Its customers turn to Protect Your Bubble to safeguard the things that matter to them—like smartphones, tablets, and travel plans—without the confusing jargon and processes. Consumers just sign up online. Protect Your Bubble automatically charges them for their protection plans monthly or as a one-time fee, depending on the plan.

"The implementation process itself went very smoothly, and surprisingly quickly. We told Vindicia what we wanted, and they built it for us."

Nikki Schmitt, Customer Experience Manager, Protect Your Bubble

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For consumers, protecting what matters is virtually effortless— thanks to Protect Your Bubble’s innovative approach to protection plans and a little help from Vindicia Subscribe (formerly CashBox). Protect Your Bubble uses Vindicia Subscribe as its subscription and recurring billing payment platform.

Vindicia Subscribe “has made a huge difference for us and for our customers,” says Nikki Schmitt, customer experience manager for Protect Your Bubble.

Schmitt explains that Protect Your Bubble is committed to taking the hassle out of purchasing protection plans and that Vindicia Subscribe “handles payments in a way that’s incredibly easy for our customers.”

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Choosing Vindicia Subscribe

Protect Your Bubble decided to look for a billing platform that could help deliver the best experience to customers. The company assembled an evaluation team and began exploring available options. The team talked to more than 10 providers, and quickly narrowed the field to a few that seemed to offer a high degree of integration with internal systems. From there, they made automation—for its team and customers—the primary selection criteria.

The goal? A more automated process that was seamless for customers and that saved staff time. Protect Your Bubble wanted to improve its customers’ experience with a billing platform that supported recurring payments more seamlessly and efficiently. Vindicia Subscribe emerged as the clear winner, and Protect Your Bubble decided to test the solution to ensure it could perform with its IT environment.

Protect Your Bubble’s top priority was finding a solution that automated the billing process as much as possible. Schmitt states that Vindicia Subscribe "did a great job with communication and retention while integrating billing data with our internal systems. It also performed well in testing."

So, the team chose Vindicia Subscribe. "And it’s been fantastic," declared Schmitt.

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The solution: Taking advantage of automation

Protect Your Bubble worked with Vindicia to implement Vindicia Subscribe and configure it to match the company’s preferred processes. Vindicia Subscribe helped Protect Your Bubble automate and improve its billing process for customers. On the backend, Vindicia and Protect Your Bubble’s IT team integrated Vindicia Subscribe with internal systems.

"The implementation process itself went very smoothly, and surprisingly quickly," says Schmitt. "We told Vindicia what we wanted, and they built it for us. They asked insightful questions, and helped us to test the platform to make sure it delivered a great experience."

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The result: A great experience

Vindicia Subscribe reduces billing frustration for customers while also saving staff time thanks to efficient billing processes. Choosing Vindicia Subscribe has helped Protect Your Bubble transform billing into an easier, more transparent experience for customers, according to Schmitt. She says, "Customers choose the product that best meets their needs and set up automated billing. There’s no paper to manage or bill you need to remember to pay."

Schmitt concludes that Vindicia Subscribe "handles the billing management side of the process and helps resolve billing issues. It eliminates billing frustrations."

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