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TVBEurope looks at the Future of OTT

Dec 17, 2014 | By TVBEurope

Gene Hoffman, CEO of Vindicia, talks to TVBEurope about the predicted growth of VoD services, the power of Netflix, and the future of premium OTT in Europe.

What is the future of premium OTT?

Subscription OTT video on demand (VoD) services are increasing in advanced Western European markets. This is largely due to key market enablers that are in place across the region, including high levels of broadband penetration, access to connected devices, a willingness and ability to pay for content online, and supportive regulatory environments. Furthermore, technology costs have fallen significantly, enabling a wide range of providers to enter the market. However, despite the market’s predicted growth – £110 million in 2013 rising to £390 million in 2017 in the UK alone – delivering services in a fragmented environment can be challenging.

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