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Vindicia in the News

Vindicia and Customer Retention

Apr 21, 2012 | By Diversity Limited

I was briefed by SaaS subscription and billing vendor Vindicia last week with an update on where they are – both from a business and a technology perspective.

Vindicia, alongside other subscription and billing vendors Zuora and Aria, seems to be going great guns – Vindicia themselves are proud of their 85% increase in revenue YoY.

In terms of technical updates, Vindicia rolled out CashBox StoreFront, essentially an addition to their core tool that extends the breadth of functionality that Vindicia offers, particularly for businesses that want to offload their entire PCI burden – storefront offers vendors the ability to abstract the payment parts of their own merchant sites directly to Vindicia thus providing an integrated third party solution to customer acquisition, billing and retention. It’s an approach that makes sense given that businesses predominantly fall into two categories;

Customers who are relaxed about who “owns” the customer data and just wants to achieve the desired outcome (ie transact sales) these prospects will adopt the maximum breadth of tools like those Vindicia offers…

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