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Vindicia Retain

State of the marketplace

  • The subscription marketplace is expected to reach $1.5 trillion USD by 2025, growing 18% annually.
  • But, there’s a big problem: subscription businesses are facing an 82% retention rate among subscribers who signed up in the last two years.
  • This looks like a lot of sign-ups, down-selling, and the dreaded cancellations.
  • Don’t fret! The 82% lowered retention rate is also a new market opportunity for subscription-based businesses to re-nurture retention!

Turn it on! Vindicia Retain constantly optimizes your business retention and revenue streams

Vindicia Retain is the ultimate suite of retention solutions designed to help all types of business deliver a frictionless retention experience for their unique types of customers. Retaining each user with clarity, intention, and focus, Vindicia Retain enables businesses to maintain connections in a highly competitive marketplace.

Vindicia Retain Statistics

Vindicia recovers $187 per minute for its customers by reducing subscription churn. Below are the amazing number facts about the Vindicia Retain.

  • Up to


    boost in revenue.

  • mo

    customer lifetime extension (avg)

  • More than


    failed transactions recaptured in a single year.

  • More than $


    revenue recovered in a single year.

  • Up to


    of terminally failed payment transactions recovered.

  • million

    transactions processed involving 351 million digital accounts and 273 million payment accounts.

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Vindicia Retain Benefits

Elevate retention and revenue with laser focus

Churn expertise

Driven by Vindicia's subscription management engine and unmatched experience spanning industries and businesses of all sizes. But with a tailored focus on resolving failed payments.

The best intelligence

The smartest, most robust data engine out there. Backed by two decades of experience to drive smarter decisions with ML driven-data analysis.

Agile suite of solutions

Vindicia Retain’s growing suite of solutions is always evolving, providing flexible, integrated ways to eliminate friction and churn, and optimize payments in any market dynamic.

Future vision

Unique perspective from the big picture down to the most nuanced detail, all pulled together with clear, actionable insights that let subscription businesses stay a step ahead.

Get 522% ROI and total benefits valued at over $24 million USD, by using Vindicia Retain

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How Retain works

When transactions fail, you lose subscribers who want to stay. Many subscription service providers turn to account updaters and a few retries to recover failed transactions. But too many transactions never recover.

Vindicia Retain starts where traditional approaches stop. The Vindicia team has been analyzing the causes of failed transactions, uncovering the best options for recovery based on the response codes that accompany the failure messages from card issuers. That analysis is the basis of the subscription intelligence we used to develop algorithms that resolve failed transactions. Data shows that taking a proactive approach to failed transactions leads to as much as a 6% card-based revenue gain.

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Vindicia Retain

Powered by subscription intelligence

At Vindicia, we’ve processed more than 1.8 billion transactions worth over $78 billion. Our subscription experts have analyzed our wealth of subscription data to find better ways to manage subscription payments. Across, the entire subscription lifecycle, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the complexities behind subscription billing. In the process, we’ve extracted the retention piece of our insights to create Vindicia Retain.

Vindicia Retain applies advanced algorithms to failed transactions. It’s a complex application of analytics—but to users like you, it’s simple. Every billing period, Retain turns failed transactions into customer relationships with increased longevity.
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Deploy fast and see higher revenue immediately

As a noninvasive SaaS solution, Vindicia Retain doesn’t disrupt existing billing systems. Retain works in harmony with the way you bill today. You can even apply your own retry logic before sending failed transactions to Retain for recovery.

  • "The Vindicia team was responsive and knowledgeable. They were even able to suggest improvements in the way we track active and passive churn that will help us benchmark our results against similar service providers"

    — Aryeh Brickner, Perion

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  • "It's critical to get all the nuances right, and that's why we chose to work with Vindicia. We look to Vindicia to make sure our billing processes help us retain customers."

    — Steven Sesar, FreedomPop

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  • "Vindicia Subscribe has enabled us to smoothly transition into a subscription billing model, yet still handle one-time payments for specific offerings."

    — Steven Flenory, studio director, Major League Gaming

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  • "We’re seeing the advantages of subscription revenue without having to worry about PCI compliance or that billing is going to be a hassle for members."

    — Brendan Sheehan, Chief Financial Officer, CBUSA

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  • "The implementation process itself went very smoothly, and surprisingly quickly. We told Vindicia what we wanted, and they built it for us."

    — Nikki Schmitt, Customer Experience Manager, Protect Your Bubble

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