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Happy subscribers are loyal users

Elevate your brand and deliver meaningful personalized experienced with Vindicia

Happy subscribers are loyal users. Elevate your brand and deliver meaningful personalized experienced with Vindicia. Vindicia Connect, part of the Vindicia subscription Management platform, delivers a SaaS-based approach to identity & access management and deliver personalization for every user. Vindicia Connect helps you deliver the frictionless user journey that your subscribers expect without the technical complexity. Going beyond a basic transactional relationship with an account holder to connect directly with every individual consumer of digital services is the key to managing user relationships, creating personalized experiences, and earning a lifetime of engagement.

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Deliver the secure, personalized experiences consumers expect

Vindicia Connect provides the user identity and access management capabilities you need to ensure a frictionless subscriber journey across various devices and touchpoints. You’ll be able to empower your subscribers to share and manage accounts across multiple users in their households while controlling privacy and consent settings.

Vindicia Connect features easy-to-use APIs. And it’s supported by the subscription experts at Vindicia. Just as crucially, Vindicia Connect is based on proven user-centric technology from Amdocs, a global leader in billing and identity and user management for communications service providers. It all adds up to faster time to market, lower costs, and the frictionless experience consumers expect.

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