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Vindicia Connect: Healing a subscription success

Simplify identity and access management with a user-centric platform that accelerates time to market

To keep and grow your subscriber base, you must deliver a seamless user experience defined by value, ease of use, and personalization. But giving your customers all that jazz isn't going to be a walk in the park. But we can make it easier for you. With Vindicia Connect, your customers get a smooth onboarding process, a personalized user journey, flexibility, and a control trailer to every need. And for you a speedy and scalable time to market and powerful subscriber data using valuable insights and boots in customer satisfaction.

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Vindicia Connect: Introduction and overview

Purpose-built for consumer subscriptions, Vindicia Connect powers better user journeys. It is a multi-tenant, Software as a Service-based (SaaS-based) platform, the evolution of digital identity and user lifecycle management for both small and large-scale merchants and service providers. Connect simplifies and streamlines user identity management, and delivers solutions to service providers from one location in the cloud.

A faster time to market lets you keep pace with customer expectations. You capture every interaction, simplifying innovation. Easy onboarding starts subscription relationships right. Seamless journeys across services, bundles, and experiences reduces churn. The result: You stay ahead of the evolving subscriber experience wants and needs while saving time and resources.

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