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The CMO’s guide to subscription growth

The CMO’s guide to subscription growth and deliver excellent subscription experiences

Vindicia helps clients deliver excellent subscription experiences. Amplify results with subscription intelligence and stay relevant in today's competitive subscription market. Improve retention and other recurring revenue KPIs to boost your revenue from valuable insights to improve your marketing success.

As a CMO, your success shows in the numbers Like many online service and product providers, you rely on recurring revenue, such as from subscriptions and memberships. You win when you attract customers, see an excellent return on customer acquisition costs, and retain customers. Once you’ve invested in acquiring a customer, you need to retain their business over the long term. The formula seems simple: Win customers and keep them.

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The CMO’s guide to subscription success

You could write off involuntary churn, and instead keep your team focused on acquiring new customers, lowering voluntary churn, and re-acquiring lost subscribers. That’s the conventional CMO’s approach. As an innovative CMO, you’re ready to explore unexpected approaches to realize better results.

How unexpected? Look beyond conventional marketing solutions. Investigate your subscription billing procedures. You may be surprised by how much billing can affect your marketing metrics. Subscription billing is the key to taking average customer lifetime value and other success measures to new heights.

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