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Subscription Intelligence: Apply insights to fuel growth

Apply insights to fuel growth in your subscription business

Subscription data can tell you what not why or how. Why is the churn rate higher than average? Why is the churn rate lower for Price Plan C? Why is monthly revenue flat? Why is revenue recovery down? Why is our pay processor failing transaction? Why didn't free trials draw more subscribers? How to maximize revenue? How can I improve my pricing strategy? How do we boost retention rates? How I can upsell? How do we cross-sell? All these challenges you can overcome using the Vindicia Subscription Intelligence.

You can dig into relevant data in real-time and understand your subscription metrics. Discover what happened and why, and then determine how to proceed. Leverage the Vindicia expertise and gain insight from industry gurus and apply insights to fuel growth in your subscription business.

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How to get subscription intelligence

Subscription intelligence infuses everything we offer. You take advantage of subscription intelligence when you turn to Vindicia. Vindicia powers recurring transactions, subscription bundling, user journeys and industry-leading retention tools, simplifying the processes behind subscription success. Our platform empowers you to innovate, and find the next generation models that work for your business.

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