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Subscription Intelligence: Grow faster with insights

Grow faster with insights and tailored recommendations

Steer your business with data-driven insights. Vindicia's Subscription Intelligence allows you to make strategic decisions, grow your business and gain an edge over your competitors. Vindicia delivers subscription intelligence to help you see the truths in your data. Subscription intelligence isn’t a product – it’s baked into everything we do. You get a real-time view of your data as well as help from our team, giving you an edge as you make decisions. Subscription intelligence also informs our approach to resolving failed transactions and capturing more lost revenue than other subscription platforms. It adds up to faster growth, thanks to a more strategic approach to offering subscriptions. 

Vindicia Retain

Turn the facts in your data into better decisions

Subscription intelligence helps you discover more about your business. As you work with our experts, you learn more about ways you can improve performance. Then, you apply your deeper understanding to:

  • Optimize pricing
  • Reduce active and passive churn
  • Improve performance relative to like companies
  • Choose the best promotions
  • Increase payment success rates

Subscription intelligence takes analytics and reporting further— with expertise. You understand your business better and choose the tactics that further your strategy more easily. What happens when you manage your business with subscription intelligence? You improve key subscription metrics—like retention, customer lifetime value, and customer acquisition costs.

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