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Monitor and engage subscribers

Redfast and Vindicia: Monitor and engage subscribers

People cancel subscription services that they don’t use. Don’t be one of those services. A subscription business needs subscribers. The subscriber actively choosing to cancel is well personal, nothing dramatic, it is personal. You can turn to Vindicia partner Redfast to spot low engagement and reignite subscriber interest.

 Redfast quantifies and tracks service usage at an individual level and uses variations in an individual's behavior to deliver targeted remedies that result in better retention and engagement. Churns terms from not engaging a subscriber's personal story needs likes and dislikes. The challenge knows each subscriber personally if the subscriber is happy, engaged, and loyal. Reach new subscribers. The Vindicia MarketONE's partnership with redfast empowers you to do exactly that. Redfast data-driven approach facilitates uniform adaptable retention strategy. Proactively monitor usage and identify restrict churn, nurture loyalty with real-time custom offerings. Targeted promos and optimized in-app payment flow.

 Active cancellations decline by as much as 25%. Services like yours also see as much as a 150% increase in registrations and a 50% increase in upsells to options like annual plans. Redfast’s ability to slash active cancelations is now coupled with increased topline growth thru Vindicia / MarketONE’s strategic bundles, flexible subscription management, and seamless user journeys.

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