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Bring in the Churn Challenger

Bring in the Churn Challenger with Vindicia Retain, churn never had a chance

Getting new subscribers is hard. Losing them is easy. Retention is a complex business with ever-changing inputs that are more than many customers can handle. But to optimize revenue in today’s saturated subscription market it’s, critical that brands attack churn head-on. Luckily, Vindicia Retain is locked and loaded, ready to tackle the beast of churn. Powered by two decades of deep, cross-industry experience, Vindicia Retain leverages the most comprehensive expertise and intelligence in the business and focuses it on one thing eliminating churn. An agile suite of integrated tools and solutions, Vindicia Retain effortlessly delivers precise, ML-driven insights and actions to ensure customers are always ready for whatever the market brings. It’s a shockingly easy way to improve retention, optimize payments and experience, and unlock new levels of revenue and loyalty. With Vindicia Retain, churn never had a chance.

Vindicia Retain

The Intelligence Powerhouse

Be the smartest in the room with the biggest data intelligence

There’s so much great data out there but it can be really tricky to pin it down. Vindicia Retain is dedicated to ensuring you’ve got the best intelligence at your fingertips at all times, in real-time. With two decades of data, our algorithms are a LOT smarter than the rest. We’ve seen it all, and our intel reflects that. We’re constantly analyzing the behavior of each banking institution, and leveraging advanced AI and ML patented algorithms to (safely) pull out all the stops to recover failed transactions so you can continue to delight your subscribers today, and for years to come.

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