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Resolve up to 50% of failed payment transactions

Vindicia Retain: Resolve 30% of failed transactions

Learn how to keep more subscribers & revenue every billing cycle. See how top companies resolve 30% of terminally failed transactions. Instantly overcome churn and build lifetime relationships. Vindicia Retain captures up to 30% to 50% of terminally failed payment transactions, reduces passive churn, and increases revenue by 6%.

Businesses that operate on the subscription model typically face fierce and agile competition. A common formula for survival calls for annual growth of at least 20- 30%. To maintain that rate requires high customer acquisition costs. But what about churn? If your monthly churn is above 5-7%, you’re bleeding customers—forcing ever-larger investments in new customer acquisition.

Vindicia Retain

The Vindicia Retain path to recovering failed transactions

Vindicia Retain works with your existing billing system to resolve failed payment transactions. Vindicia Retain (formerly Vindicia Select) is a mature, proven solution to optimize the capture of failed payment transactions. It reduces churn, increases revenue and keeps happy customers connected to their services. In a single year, Retain recovered over 3 million terminally failed transactions that our clients could not recover, generating over $200 million added revenue.

Benefits of Vindicia Retain:

  • Increase top-line revenue overnight
  • Improve customer retention
  • Extend customer lifetime value
  • Offer a better customer experience
  • Reduce involuntary churn
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