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Expand your reach with all-in-one subscription platform

Expand your reach with Vindicia's Subscription Management Platform: The all-in-one subscription platform

Your customers are surrounded by chooses, options, and offerings of the subscription universe. How do you establish a connection, an ongoing connection, a lasting connection with them? You empower the individual experience across every touchpoint, build strategic partnerships to deliver compelling subscriptions and bundles. Retain loyalty by meeting subscriber demands quickly and flexibly with Vindicia's Subscribe a next-gen subscription platform, strategic bundles, seamless user journeys, and insightful subscription intelligence. To achieve endless growth, infinite possibilities with Subscribe, Bundle, Connect. All these are in one place, the MarketONE: The all-in-one subscription platform.

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Win and keep more subscribers as you embrace new subscription models

You launched a subscription business model—and it’s delivering results. An eager subscriber base enjoys your service. Your recurring revenue looks great on the books. But it seems like a new competitor launches every month. Customer acquisition costs keep rising, which is especially worrying in the face of increasing churn. Slowing growth reflects the difficulty of reaching potential customers beyond your core audience. Staying ahead of the competition requires that you find new (and not too expensive) ways to attract customers. Then, you need to build loyalty fast so subscribers stay with your service.

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