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Personalization is the most memorable way to connect with your subscribers

Personalization is the most memorable way to connect with your subscribers and create meaningful user interactions. From transactions to personalized experiences - creating a successful direct-to-consumer business means moving from a transactional relationship with a subscription account holder to a personalized relationship with each user. Behind the scenes, this means moving from basic identity management and authentication, to delivering compelling user management: Combining digital identity for every individual with tools to manage households and groups, entitlements, privacy and granular user-level data. As a result, happier, more engaged consumers are incentivized to spend more over a lifetime of relevant engagement.

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Connecting with every user

In a competitive digital market, it’s no longer adequate to deal only with the one person in a household who pays the bill. Whether it’s a video streaming service, a digital magazine, cloud storage, a connected vehicle or a smart home, multiple members of the household are using digital services across dozens of devices. Every individual user expects a compellingly simple experience to navigate and consume digital products, with a high degree of personalization tailored to them, not the rest of the family.

Vindicia Connect makes it easy for your users to start their subscriptions and trials with a seamless onboarding experience. And the solution keeps supporting great experiences with single sign-on, social sign-on, seamless personalization, and more.

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