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Subscription Show 2020: Sharath Dorbala Keynote

How to achieve growth and scale even in a pandemic?

Are your customers interested in subscription bundles? Learn what's happening in the subscription industry? Understand what subscribers want during this pandemic situation? We are subscribing to a lot of services during the pandemic and because of this, the subscription is going up mostly in consumer services, digital services, and digital media. What are customers looking for in the subscription? is it bundles? packages? What complementary services subscription providers should offer to subscribers? How to leverage your subscription ecosystem?

Vindicia Retain

Vindicia Subscription Management: Conquer new markets by evolving ahead of the competition

The Vindicia Subscription Management platform features Subscribe, Bundle, and Connect. Each one lets you explore next-generation models as you follow proven best practices. Working together, they provide the foundation for subscription success—innovation and customer relationships that last a lifetime. Bringing these three critical subscription must-haves together delivers faster time to market and a much lower total cost of ownership.

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