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We value our subject matter experts and the insights each of them brings to the table. We want to encourage more thought leaders to come together and share their industry knowledge through our blog. Think you have something interesting to contribute as a guest blogger ? Contact us at


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Guest blog: How to market subscription billing to your customers

Guest blog: Why sports rights holders are launching D2C streaming services

New Regulation for Authenticating EU Payments to Take Effect in September 2019

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Guest Blog: Cancellation Due to Credit Card Problems Huge Issue for SVOD Industry

Guest blog: Why the Vindicia partnership makes sense to Softrax

Guest blog: the prospects for premium OTT

GDPR: it’s all just part of how we do what we do

Why every subscription business should accept Apple Pay

Mobile news sites can now attract people of all ages

Apple launches Venmo competitor

Millennials are the biggest adopters of subscriptions. Here's how to approach them

Targeting the future: How cloud services should approach 2017 and beyond

Subscription-based app revenue skyrockets in 2016, indicating promise

Three reasons to focus on involuntary churn

Vindicia and Amdocs: Powering the Digital Economy Together

First Things First: Our Clients

"Free" subscriptions? Why subscription businesses must be careful in marketing and operations

TV networks are reducing ad time for viewers. Should online video follow suit?

Where did people watch the 2016 VMAs?

Uber sees the advantage of subscription billing

Clear Illustration of Costco-Amex Impact on Subscription Renewals

Who's to blame for the drop in NBC viewers?

4 things to consider before creating an IoT product

Mother Jones shows the true cost of quality journalism

When customers can't cancel subscriptions

Traditional TV subscription rates fall as online video is expected to increase

What metrics do SaaS businesses need to attract and retain customers?

IoT networks should emphasize value

How to communicate a change in policies

Best practices in digital – Ingenico and Vindicia workshop at Insights

Value and convenience are a priority for customers

What's the impact of Costco switching out 80+ million Amex credit cards on subscription retention rates?

Is effective customer communication the best way to defeat ad blockers?

Worldwide SVoD markets expected to increase

What the recent password-sharing ruling means for SVOD providers

How does quality relate to value when it comes to OTT content?

Methods for attracting SaaS customers

Customers are key for IoT businesses on a subscription billing model

What businesses can learn from changes at Apple and Google

Using subscription billing to help businesses prepare for the IoT

When creating and selling IoT products, don't think like Silicon Valley

Can an old news publication survive on a subscription model?

Reaching consumers beyond subscription billing

How price and subscription billing contributes to the customer experience

How truth and channels affect customer communications and subscription billing

How subscription billing can put a new spin on an old product

3 tips for using a subscription billing model to increase customer retention

New vs. existing: Why companies on a subscription billing model should shift their customer strategy

Why businesses should be clear about subscription billing and customer communication

How the founder of the Discovery Channel used subscription billing and quality content to avoid ads

How subscription billing can save a popular music provider

3 factors to consider when choosing the right payment services provider

What service providers can learn from Autodesk's switch to subscription billing

The simplest billing frequency benefits customers

How subscription billing solves the issue of ad blockers

Streaming devices rise as more homes consume OTT content

How newspapers are finding success with subscription billing models

19-digit Visas and "2-digit" MasterCards

The "TV Everywhere" trend is not dead yet

Brick-and-mortar retailers try on subscriptions for size

CBS OTT offering crashes during Grammy live stream

How to create a successful smart home device

OTT Super Bowl broadcast draws record number of viewers

Increasing conversions for your subscription business

New app offers flights with subscription billing model

Rihanna launches new album exclusively with Tidal service

Ease of use is important in OTT viewing

Winter Storm Jonas causes spike in OTT video streaming

Brands evolve in their approach to subscription billing

Offering more payment options results in more conversions

Software glitches: A new problem in IoT devices

Apple Music reaches 10 million paying subscribers

Getting connected devices to work better together

3 ways to maximize the growth of SaaS businesses

Nielsen to unveil Total Audience Measurement tool

How to win back lapsed subscribers

Why you need to record all chargebacks

How to succeed in the IoT

Dos and don'ts of communicating with subscribers

How to improve customer acquisition

Amazon Prime to expand subscription services

Tips for improving customer retention for your subscription business

Spotify may restrict some releases to paying subscribers

Promotion ideas to boost subscription billing acquisition

“Location” in the OTT Market

Success in SVOD starts with subscription billing

Fix It Like You Own It

YouTube enters SVOD market with Red

NBA Season Tip-Off – 21.9M Fans – That’s Scale

Businesses utilizing subscription billing need a strong website

The Next Generation of Niche Video Content

WorldPay Goes Public

What to consider when looking for a subscription billing solution

3 challenges and solutions for companies that use subscription billing

Machinima to produce content for Verizon's Go90 service

NFL Sunday Ticket service available to non-DirecTV customers

New OTT service to launch in Russia

TVN updates OTT service

TableRock Media offers niche-focused OTT service

Apple OTT service not coming until 2016

4 ways to improve subscription numbers

CenturyLink to offer an OTT service

99.99999% Global System Uptime

2015: The year of OTT video

5 steps to improve customer retention

PGA offers OTT service to golf fans

Verizon to offer mobile OTT service for free

Lebara offers new OTT service for European migrants

OTT content growing rapidly in emerging markets

How do consumers prefer to watch SVOD?

7 percent of American households have OTT, but not pay TV

Showtime introduces OTT service for $11 a month

Best practices for maintaining a lucrative subscription billing model

2 challenges facing IoT

Is the subscription model right for you?

What makes a connected device successful?

Why these OTT video companies failed

More than 80 percent of businesses increased revenue with IoT

Recurring Consumer Engagement

Comcast to launch new OTT service

Discovery launches OTT service across Europe

OTT and video revenues will rise to $51 billion by 2020

Canal+ partners with Technicolor to develop OTT box

Latin America OTT market will generate $8 billion by 2025

Multicultural viewers watching more OTT content

Password sharing to cost OTT industry $500 million

Sling TV goes out for the third time

Vindicia’s Worldwide Expansion

AioTV offers free web video product

Elemental improves content delivery for Indonesia's first OTT service

Frontier in the middle of over-the-air video trial with TiVo

New report says OTT players can hurt telcos voice revenues

Hearst launches video content site for Good Housekeeping

A+E partners with Brand New Media to launch History Plus in Asia

How will cable change in the OTT content landscape?

Verizon to buy out AOL for $4.4 billion

The magic of automated payments

Time Magazine looking to Over-the-top (OTT) content

User-friendly subscription based payments could help newspaper industry

New report: OTT content will reach $154 billion by 2019

Why sports and OTT content are a winning combo

Will OTT providers capitalize on syndicated shows?

How the CMO can get ahead of the OTT upswell

Building an OTT Platform: No Single Solution Fits Everyone

10 Internet of Things Stats You May Not Have Known

Major Media Outlet Uses Digital Subscription as Source of Revenue

Internet of Things Is Driving Improvements in Overall Business Results

IoT and Human Relationships: Can One Improve the Other?

Agile Billing: Reforming the Content Delivery Business

Netflix and Cable Are Battling It out for Millennials' Attention

Multichannel TV Subscribers May Not Go OTT Only

The Impact of OTT on the Future of TV

Best Practices are Exponentially Impactful

Aereo – Time Shifting – Just Not the Time Shifting Everyone Was Expecting

Introduction to Amazon Payments on the Vindicia Platform

Amazon Payments and Vindicia

Heartbleed Bug Update

New World of OTT Opportunities: Selling Premium Content with Subscription Billing Services

The Levers That Can Make (or Break) Your Recurring Billing Process

Fraud or Friction? Why slowing down a purchase can be beneficial in the long run

Freemium, disruption and the mobile phone industry

VDC @ GDC Online: Time to Mix It Up!

Revenue Opportunities for SaaS Businesses: Two New White Papers

What is the IMPACT of Customer Retention [Infographic]

Dreamforce ’12: Going Social and Giving Back

Why Learning Is Now A SaaS Model

Optimize Pricing and Maximize Revenue for your Digital Business in 5 Steps

Subscription Billing, Sports, and xkcd

The Vindicia-IBM Partnership: Optimizing Marketing and Selling Automation

Voluntary and Involuntary Churn: The Science of Customer Retention

The Three C’s for Long-term Subscriber Retention