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How modern CFOs drive revenue

How the modern CFO drive more revenue and use retention as a growth engine

Learn how the modern CFO drive more revenue, leads the way for new customers, and uses retention as a growth engine. Many CFOs rely on their intuition, even when they’d rather not. The good news is, they don’t have to anymore. With tools like Vindicia subscription intelligence, CFOs can not only access hard data but also use it to derive deep, smart insights about customer behavior and trends. With the help of solid data and a sophisticated retention system in place, CFOs can resolve 30% of failed transactions that were previously unsalvageable.

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Prevent cancellations through data, experimentation and analytics

Here are a very simple ways to learn from subscriber cancellations and strategies to prevent cancellations and extend customer lifetime value. Every cancellation prevented is a battle won — and those wins can pile up. There are many lessons to be learned from cancellations and prevented cancellations. These eight are a good starting point to driving subscription service performance and growth.

The key is to experiment, iterate, track your data and analyze it. By doing so, you will uncover insights that will enable you to construct your cancellation prevention strategy. At Vindicia, we can help you optimize your personal cancellation strategy.

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